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Is it Possible to Get Financial Aid While Waiting for Social Security Disability?

The quick answer to that question is “yes”. Claimants should know that there are a limited number of resources that they can contact if they have any concerns about getting financial aid while they wait for a determination to be made on their claim. As claimants continue to research how to get disability in Visalia, they will find out that there are agencies that will provide financial assistance to those who are trying to get Social Security disability or SSI benefits based on disability.

Those individuals who are going through financial difficulties should contact their local Department of Social Services (DSS) to see what help is available. However, keep in mind that there will be major differences between the services that individual counties are able to offer you. Therefore, a good way to start your inquiry is to contact an adult services social worker at your local DSS. Even if that person can’t help you, he or she can often point you in the right direction with regard to available sources of help and assistance.

Additional sources of help for those who are finding out more about how to get disability in Visalia include public assistance (welfare), state temporary disability benefits and unemployment benefits (for those who have been recently laid off or fired). Also, claimants who have homes with equity in them might want to think about either refinancing that home and their total debts or they might want to apply for an equity line of credit while their disability case is still pending.

If you have been diligently researching about how to get disability in Visalia and you believe that you will need financial aid as you go through the process, please fill out the form on this page to have a lawyer provide you with a free evaluation of your claim.